Why Cyprus?

Competitive advantages

  • Strategic Location
  • Member of the EU
  • Member of the Eurozone
  • Efficient and Comprehensive Tax System
  • Corporate Tax Incentives
  • Personal Tax Incentives for newcomer¬† Executives
  • Business Friendly
  • Human Talent
  • Infrastructure
  • Quality of Life
  • Value for Money Services
  • Robust Legal and Regulatory Framework


Attractive tax system

Corporate Tax Rate @ 12.5%
Exempt from tax:

  • Dividend income
  • Profits from overseas
  • Permanent establishments
  • Profits from the sale of securities

No withholding tax on:

  • Dividends
  • Interest and
  • Royalties¬† paid from Cyprus
  • Most international transactions are exempt from VAT
  • Double Tax Treaties with more than 50 countries


Legal system

  • Based on the English Common Law Principles with Application of EU Directives
  • Transparent and Fully harmonized with international standards
  • High quality legal services and Collaboration with international law firms


Human talent

  • Highest tertiary education percentage within the EU
  • Multilingual workforce with International business experience


Great quality of life

  • Security and safety
  • Excellent Educational Institutions
  • Multicultural
  • High quality tourist & leisure facilities year round
  • Millennia of culture, history and art
  • Fabulous weather
  • Hospitality
  • Gastronomy
  • Quality of air and sea



  • Robust road and network and small distances
  • Two modern international airports
  • Two multi-purpose deep sea ports
  • Excellent telecommunications infrastructure
  • Reliable high speed international connectivity
  • 100% Broadband and mobile broadband coverage





Cyprus Center
Limassol marina - pictures courtesy of Cybarco